+ Is there a maximum number of guests for Personal Chef events?

Yes; you may book a dinner for a maximum of fiftheen people. Dinner reservations may be placed no later than seven days in advance by selecting a menu from one of our season’s signature authentic cuisine options.

+ Is there a timeline for the chef’s arrival to my home?

Yes; roughly two to four hours prior to the plating of the first course, your personal chef and your server will arrive at your home with all necessary ingredients, cookware, dinnerware, and decorations for the evening. When your personal chef is in route to your home, he or she will contact you. Once preparation, plating, and serving of each course has concluded, all dishes will be cleaned and trash removed.

+ What is required of my guests and household to host a successful Dinner at Yours event?

In order for your personal chef to provide you and your guests with the most ideal fine dining experience, we ask that your kitchen sink and dishwasher are cleaned and emptied before his or her arrival. In addition, all counter space and dining table(s) should be cleared and cleaned.

+ Can my special diet and/or allergies be accommodated for?

Whenever possible, Dinner at Yours offers vegetarian and gluten-free options for our courses. Please include any dietary restrictions at the time of reservation. If you have further questions, please contact us info@dinneratyours.com

Unfortunately, we are unable to make course substitutions; but we will accommodate dietary restrictions when possible.

+ What is the change/cancellation policy for Dinner at Yours events?

You may update or cancel your reservation up to forty-eight hours before the time of your dinner event. Events cancelled less than forty-eight hours prior to a scheduled event will be charged in full.

To change or cancel a reservation, please send us an email including your order number and request at orders@dinneratyours.com.

+ Do you provide dinnerware and table settings?

All dinnerware and table settings will be supplied for your dinner event. If interested in purchasing a dinnerware set, you can purchase by contacting us at info@dinneratyours.com.

+ What if something goes wrong during my exprience?

All company chefs are covered by adequate insurance policy that will protect you and your home, in case of any potential errors or damages.

+ What courses and ingredients are included on the Dinner at Yours menu(s)?

Ingredients and courses vary by cuisine; however, all menus rotate on a seasonal basis to feature fresh, locally sourced elements when available.

+ How are Dinner at Yours personal chefs selected?

All Dinner at Yours chefs have undergone thorough background checks and training. They are seasoned professionals with extensive, authentic culinary backgrounds.

+ Will you accommodate for children’s menu options?

Yes; flavorful yet healthy courses are available for children under age ten. Please include the number of child guests (and meals) required for your event in the add-on section of your reservation.

+ Can we serve alcohol at at the table?

This is your home; please do not hesitate to partake. While alcohol will not be included in the reservation, wine pairing recommendations are available by request at orders@dinneratyours.com. Please include your selected menu, name, and reservation order number in the inquiry.

+ May I tip the chef or the server?

Yes; while tipping your personal chef is never required, you will have to opportunity to do so once the event has concluded.